“Economy Blocks” – Progress Report

July’s Block of the Month for the “Favorites” Quilt Along is “Economy Block.” You will find instructions for the 8″ finished block under the “Favorites BOM QAL” tab in the menu. Many of the BOM participants have sent pictures of their completed blocks. (Thanks, ladies!)

First up are Helga’s blocks which nicely flank her Half-Dresdens. She used an interesting architectural print as the center squares.

Kathy sent a picture of all her blocks to date. Her quilt is really coming together!

Chris used a Square in a Square ruler instead of following the directions verbatim, so her blocks came out smaller than intended. She creatively added more triangles and trimmed the blocks to 8 1/2″ square. They are so pretty with the additional round of color and the center square “on point.”

Joan is pleased with her “Economy Blocks” as well. The primary colors she’s working with are perfect for a summer-y feel.

Sarah, anxious to finish her quilt, followed the making of her blocks with four “Blooming Love” blocks (designed by Robin Pickens for Moda Blockheads 3, #11). Isn’t her quilt top amazing?!

Sarah is wondering about the “perfect” quilting motifs that will enhance her patchwork. She particularly would like suggestions for filling the white centers of her “Economy Blocks,” the center of the “Friendship Wreath,” and the white 6″ squares that alternate with the “Nine Patches.” Please help by leaving your suggestions as a comment below.

3 thoughts on ““Economy Blocks” – Progress Report

  1. Use smaller hearts like in the corners. Maybe use circles there to break up squares and triangles.
    But they are all wonderful.
    Enjoy them all
    Look forward to seeing them all.

    • Thanks, Lyna, for the suggestion. I was actually thinking of foregoing the custom quilting altogether and just doing a hearts meander style all over pattern but figured someone might come up with some custom quilting that just grabs me.

      All of the progress pictures are great I agree but I think I am smitten by Helga’s fiery red Dresdens set off on either side with the blue and white Economy blocks.


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