10-Day Challenge

Sherri McConnell (aquiltinglife.com) is one of the quilters I follow on social media. Earlier this month, she initiated a Ten Day Challenge. The concept is simple — choose one thing you aspire to do every day for ten days and chart your progress. Click here to link to Sherri’s blog post and download the challenge’s chart. Click here to hear about it in a you tube podcast.

The “one thing” I chose was making blocks for the various Block of the Month projects I am working on this year. By focusing on the challenge, I added to my pile of blocks during this extremely busy month. Of course, there were several days I didn’t make it to my sewing room; I compensated by making two blocks the following day.

I am participating in Sherri McConnell’s BOM using the “Ruby” fabric line from Maywood Studio. Here’s the 12″ block for July.

I am also making 9″ blocks for the Moda Blockheads 4 quilt along. Click here to link to the archive of all the blocks. This block is not in the archive, but I’m including it in my quilt. The fabric line is “Frankie” designed by BasicGrey for Moda.

I’m also quilting along on the “Ruby Jubilee” mystery quilt designed by Denise Starck using Bonnie Hunter’s blocks from the “Addicted to Scraps” column of Quiltmaker magazine. The quilt celebrates the forty years that the magazine has been published. There’s a new clue for multiple blocks published in each 2022 issue of Quiltmaker. Here’s the latest installment.

“Ruby Jubilee” Clue #4

The Ten Day Challenge has so honed my focus and yielded such great results, that I have extended my personal challenge. Maybe I can make it to twenty-five or thirty days. Maybe by then I will be all caught up!

One thought on “10-Day Challenge

  1. I also follow Sherri’s blog but didn’t even notice the post about a 10-day challenge! Funny but my personal challenge this whole month of July has been to stay off the computer more and sew daily. Alas, I think I’ve used my Instagram less but Facebook more. I need to just shut down all electronics and SEW!!

    Earlier this month I started my first-ever EPP (English Paper Piecing) project called Butterfly Effect from Iillyellastichery.com and since it’s my first-ever EPP (read: I’m learning as I try this) I decided to double the scale to make my life easier. The pieces aren’t all that small at 200% scale and it will make a nice 48″x48″ baby quilt when I’m done. So my daily sewing has been hand-stitching butterflies and moths. It’s so so fun!! I never thought hand-stitching could be fun again because my eyesight has been failing, but a $12 lighted, hands-free magnifier from Amazon made a world of difference. I’m sewing daily and about half done already!

    I slacked off in my BOM from Sherri just getting to it last week so at least I’m ready for August before she releases the next block next week. And I am very proud to say I got my Ruby Jubilee blocks done early (in June a week after I got the magazine) In June I finished my Riley Blake Designs 2022 Block Challenge topper (17 blocks) and actually quilted it on my new longarm (yippee! my second-ever quilt on the new machine)

    I decided in June to stop my first Moda Blockheads 4 (BH4) top at around the 15th or 16 block (I forget) and started working on how to finish up the setting. Thank you again for the “offline” advice on how to cope with the “Irish Chain” style setting from Moda (layout3) that I’m using. I think I’ll finish the chains like you suggested and just do a scallopy outside border to give me a space for special ruler quilting. I want to challenge myself to learn how to do a curved crosshatch (never done one before) and the Moda BH4 quilt along has been a skills builder challenge for me. I’ve modified a lot of the blocks adding mini centers to force myself to learn how to manage small pieces and not just give up. I plan to do the blocks 16 to 36, too and will make a second topper from them. For some reason I cannot stop the EPP butterflies long enough to piece the rest of this setting and borders on the BH4. (haha)

    I have promised myself I am not doing anymore QALs until I finish the ones I have already started. It’s been hard enough to keep up weekly with my 2022 temperature quilt (doing the machine applique blocks in groups of 6-10 instead of daily) but there are new Pat Sloan QALs all summer and Lori Holt is starting a new Sew Simple shapes QAL next week so I dunno, I’m tempted! I had started a Sew Simple QAL in May and not finished it so maybe I’ll work on that while Lori releases new posts.

    Your July block for Sherri’s BOM looks just gorgeous! I know I said that on Instagram but it’s lovely enough to say it again 🙂


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