“Favorites” BOM #8 and #9

Here we are in the month of August already! July’s heat and humidity are slated to continue this month as well, so I am helping you out by giving you a reason to hibernate in your air conditioned sewing room. I am publishing Blocks 8 and 9 for you to work on this month. If you are participating in our 2022 Quilt Along, you need to make two blocks of each design. The gals in my Block of the Month “club” at Sew There! quilt shop in Angier are anxious to finish their “Favorites” quilts and are confident they can make all four blocks this month. Are you, my online readers, up to the challenge?

Block # 8 is “Tumbleweed” which is a snap to make using “sew and flip triangle corners.” Wouldn’t it be fun to make an entire quilt from this design? It is Jelly Roll friendly, using 2 1/2″ wide strips. Using batik fabrics would lend a sophisticated air to this block design.


Block #9 is “Pinwheel,” also a breeze a make. The directions call for cutting triangles 1/8″ oversize so you can trim up for accuracy after making the four quadrants. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a baby quilt from this design? Using 30s reproduction prints or bright tone-on-tones would be perfect!


Happy August sewing! To find instructions for these two blocks, click on “Favorites BOM QAL” in the menu, scroll to the end of the list, and download both BOM #8 and BOM #9. Once you have completed two blocks of each, please email me a picture: aby.quilts@gmail.com.

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