“Rows Parade” BOM #4 – Plus Signs

This month we are making “Plus Signs” for our row quilts. I chose this design for April because the pluses remind me of crosses, and Easter is in April this year. You might like to listen to “The Glory of the Cross” by Scott Brenner on You Tube as you contemplate your fabric choices for this row.

My “Plus Signs” are the bottom row of my quilt, but you may choose to place them elsewhere according to your fabic colors. Notice that the blocks seem to bounce up and down due to an extra strip of background fabric sewn either above or below the block. Thus, the blocks are 6″ wide but 8″ tall. If making the queen size quilt, make 12 “Plus Signs.” The twin size requires 8 blocks, and the throw or lap quilt requires only 4 blocks which do not have the added background strip because they alternate with “Flying Geese” in a vertical row.

Find instructions for “Plus Signs” by clicking on the “Rows Parade BOM 2023” tab in the menu. Happy Sewing!

One thought on ““Rows Parade” BOM #4 – Plus Signs

  1. Done! I can’t decide which size to make because it is coming out ‘sew’ cute! Thanks for the great pattern.

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