Mystery Quilt

“Slant Six” Preliminary Information – Summer 2014 Mystery QAL. Your questions about the “Slant Six” mystery answered and a list fabric requirements given.

Slant Six Mystery Color Suggestions – For those mystery quilt participants who are very visually oriented, this document contains pictures of color combinations that fulfill the fabric requirements for the “Slant Six” mystery quilt. Thanks to my wonderful pattern tester, Karlene at!

Slant Six Mystery Quilt – Clue #1 – Make a fabric swatch card, cut and organize your fabrics for the Summer 2014 Mystery QAL. (Click on the underlined/highlighted words to access Clue #1.)

Slant Six Mystery Quilt – Clue #2 – Begin sewing your quilt! Make Four Patches

Slant Six Mystery Quilt – Clue #3 – Continue sewing your quilt. Make Seven Patches

Slant Six Mystery Quilt – Clue #4 – The final clue, revealing the layout of the quilt


2 responses

17 09 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Hi, Aby,
Just wanted to tell you that I am FINALLY going to start the mystery quilt – one of our members suggested a category for our show be “better late than never” and I totally agree! Bet there would be lots of entries in that category!
Is it OK if I print copies and use it to make donation quilts at a workshop? I will certainly give you the credit!

31 07 2015
carol silva

Hi Aby, can you tell what fabric line you used to make Polka Tots. I am having problems finding it in my local quilt shops and online The polka dots you used are much more vibrant than the ones i see. Thank you

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