“A Different Path” Finished!

13 05 2015
"A Different Path"

“A Different Path”

My rendition of “A Different Path,” designed by Kathie Holland and published in the Oct./Nov. 2013 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting is finished. Pieced, Quilted, Bound, and Labeled! You can read about the beginning of this quilt project here and here.

I elected to quilt the “Double Plume” pantograph by Keryn Emmerson and used a Magnifico Honey Gold thread on the top with light tan bobbin thread.


Since the backing, leftover from another project, was not quite large enough, I increased the size by adding a column of sashed 12″ blocks. I had previously thought of using these blocks to make a sampler quilt with Civil War repro fabrics, but that project did not materialize. Better to use the blocks as backing art for “A Different Path” than to consign them to the orphan block bin!

I am very pleased with this twin sized quilt, and I’m thankful to my seven friends who exchanged blocks with me for ultimate scrappiness!



“Triangles Among Friends”

15 11 2013

Just look what you can make with 2″ Half Square Triangles (HSTs)!


I recently quilted this quilt for my friend, Judy. She and a group of quilting friends exchanged 2 1/2″ HSTs with the idea of making this quilt designed by Edyta Sitar. (Edyta featured “Medallion Quilt” on the cover of her book Friendship Triangles.) The participants agreed to use rich colors of the Civil War reproduction palette.


But look closely and you will find some “zingers” that are definitely not CW repro. However, that hot pink with black dots adds sparkle to the quilt, don’t you think?


Notice Judy’s strategic placement of red/tan HSTs. They form a band of color as your eye moves from the center of the quilt outward. The triangles in the outermost row are dark brown . . . borders that aren’t borders lends some organization to this quilt.


I chose the “Lorien’s Splendor” pantograph quilting design because I wanted something interesting and classy in the wide brown outer border. The stitching also creates texture and eases in the bias of the interior of the quilt. I seleted a tan thread to show up against the dark brown border yet blend in with the thousands of colorful triangles.


What a lovely and ingenius way to utlize HSTs!

International Block Swap, Finished!

30 09 2013

In the Winter/Spring of 2012, just prior to leaving Stuttgart, I participated in an International Block Swap sponsored by Quilt around the World. The association, based in Muenchen (Munich) solicited interested quilters to make 12 of the same block to swap with other quilters. Several of the ladies in the Black Forest Quilt Guild participated; Elaine persuaded me to join in the fun.


The rules: Make 12 blocks that would finish at 12″ square.

Include red fabric in each block

Use white or off-white as a background color.

Include money for postage

Send the blocks along with 12 postcards from your home area to Quilts Around the World who divided participants into groups of 12 and sent out the packages of blocks and postcards.

Nearly 200 quilters participated. Predictably, most of the quilters in my group were from Germany. But I also received 2 blocks from Spanish quilters and one from Slovakia. Two blocks were made by mother/daughter teams.

DSCN5120 - Copy

The most symbolic block was made by Michaela. Titled “Manifold World” (“vielfaeltige Welt”), the block is composed of 12 stripes for the 12 participants in our group. The colors, white, yellow, red, brown and mixed represent the colors of our skin. Our different characteristics, personalities, and mentalities are represented by 12 different fabric manipulation techniques. The stripes, all woven together symbolize worldwide human interaction.

You might be wondering which block I made . . . mine is not in the quilt. After receiving my package from Quilt around the World, I traded blocks with my friend, Ingrid. Isn’t her “Saw Tooth Star” in country fabrics lovely?


I appliqued a large label which lists all the block makers on the back of the quilt. It is open at the top to form a pocket for all the postcards. The ribbon tie will hold them inside.


I’m so glad I participated in the swap, and I’m so glad my quilt is finally finished!

Bible Study Quilt

5 05 2013

In my January 7, 2013 post I showed this quilt made from 2 1/2″ squares. About half the patchwork blocks were made from squares the ladies in my Bible study class selected each week of the fall session.


For the spring semester I spearheaded a similar project for our class. Along with our study of Colossians and Galatians, each class member selected a colorful square and answered a question as an ice-breaker prior to each class. “Which square reminds you of spring? Which fabric reminds you of an Easter dress you once wore? Which square reminds you of home?” Class bonding through fabric!


Each week I sewed the squares the ladies selected into a block. Of course, additional blocks were needed to enlarge the quilt. At our last study time together, we’ll draw a name of those present, and a fortunate lady will take the quilt home!

Each quilt block is made with 6  2 1/2″ squares. After sewing the squares together in two rows of three each,  I sewed 1 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ white strips on opposite sides of the block.


The rows of the quilt were simply made by rotating blocks 90 degrees. This quilt has 9 rows with 7 blocks each.


I considered adding a 2″ white border and 4″ green or blue border, but opted instead for a 4″ white border. A colored border would likely draw the attention to the border itself, whereas a white border would allow the viewer to focus on all the fun fabrics on the interior of the quilt.

“Ups and Downs” blocks increased the width of the backing fabric. These are 6″ leader/ender blocks I make with scraps and stock-pile for just such a use.


What a warm remembrance of our time spent studying the Bible and growing closer as friends!


12 Blocks Finished!

30 04 2013

This past weekend I determined to quit procrastinating and fulfill my obligation for a block swap. In my last blog, I promised to show all 12 blocks, once complete. Here they are!


I am sure you notice that 5 blocks contain a lighter, brighter green fabric. Running out of background fabric necessitated a trip to my local quilt shop. After searching high and low, it was the closest match I could find to the prescribed green batik.


The trickiest part in constructing this block was the black and green corner triangle unit. I cut the small triangles using the EZ Angle ruler designed by Sharon Hultgren. Cutting the print fabric triangle a little larger than necessary enabled me to trim the corner squares for perfect 4 1/2″ measurement.


These blocks, lying side by side, make a wonderful design. The majenta diamonds seem to float on the quilt top. Maybe I will revisit this design idea for a future quilt. But for now, I will mail my 12 blocks to the exchange coordinator who will return my block plus eleven other different blocks. It will be interesting to see all the block designs and to make a sampler quilt with them.



28 04 2013

I admit it, I have been procrastinating. For months I’ve known about the June deadline for twelve 12″ exchange blocks. I’ve had the fabric since August. Since then I’ve been searching for just the right block design and . . . procrastinating.

Aren’t the fabrics lucious? Helga and Tina shopped for the large scale print (Rajasthan by Jinny Beyer) and green batik. Jeri added the black batik. I found the golden plaid in my stash and bought the raspberry tweed at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February.


I found 4 or 5 feasible designs in several volumes of Quiltmaker’s 100 Quilt Blocks from Today’s Top Designers (thanks Anita and Deb for helping to narrow the search), but opted instead a design inspired by a block in Debbie Beaves “Lovely in Lavender” Block of the Month.


Procrastinating no longer . . . one block down and eleven to go!

Comment below if you are procrastinating on finishing a project. What is holding you back? “Confession is good for the soul.” And sometimes admitting your intent to others motivates you to actually work on the project.

I hope to show you all 12 blocks in my next post!

I won!

22 04 2013

I won the Blocks of the Month yesterday at the Tarheel Quilters Guild meeting!


Each month Karen, our BOM chairlady, distributes a different quilt block pattern with instructions on colors/fabrics to use. She makes a sample to show at the guild meeting and encourages all the members to make a block. At the next guild meeting, members exchange their blocks for tickets for a drawing.

April’s block was “Dutchman’s Puzzle” in Karen’s favorite colors, turquoise and yellow. Twelve blocks were submitted; that’s a good number for a large lap quilt.


In my box of batiks I found a yard of turquoise fabric with splotches of yellow and majenta. Perfect for an outer border!


Do you have a suggestion for sashing and cornerstone colors/designs? If so, leave a comment below.

By the way, there is still room for you to participate in the North Carolina Quilt Symposium to be held in Fayetteville May 23 – 26. Find more info here on the Tarheel Quilters Guild website. I’ll be teaching “Black Forest Christmas” and “Get the Point.”