Dino Tote for David

My dinosaur-loving, youngest grandson turned 3 in June, and, capitalizing on his passion, I made him a big boy quilt. You can read more about it in this post. Thankfully, he loves his quilt and sleeps with it every night!

With Christmas approaching, his parents purchased a dinosaur Advent calendar for him. (What will they think of next?) He loves opening a little window each day and finding a different dino. So much so, that he wants to carry all of them, all the time, in the car to school or to grandma’s house. Pretty soon his hands and pockets are not going to be able to hold them all!

And then an idea popped into my head . . . I wonder if I have some dino quilt fabric scraps . . . enough to make a little tote bag for all his Advent dinosaurs? Yes! I found the scraps and pulled coordinating tone-on-tones from stash. Using the Library Book Tote for Tots (found on my Patterns page) as a guide, I layered a piece of muslin and a rectangle of batting. From the photo, you can see the 12 1/2″ x 21 1/2″ rectangle I drew on the batting with a Sharpie marker.

I covered the marked rectangle with fabric pieces, sewing through all layers, using a sew and flip, “quilt as you go” method. After constructing the patchwork rectangle, I added top-stitching by quilting 1/4″ away from the seam lines with royal blue thread. I stay-stitched all around the outer edge prior to trimming away the excess batting and backing. And then I constructed the bag, lining, and handles following the pattern.

I can’t wait to see little David cram all his favorite lizards in his new tote bag!