Patriotic Banner

4 07 2017

Happy Independence Day! I am so thankful to be an American!

Our family was invited to a 4th of July picnic . . . and I decided to make a small quilt as a hostess gift.

If you would like to make a similar banner, here are basic instructions:

Make a Saw Tooth Star block that finishes at 8.” Cut a 1 3/4″ wide navy print strip to frame the Star block. Choose 2 red prints and cut a 2″ x 40″ strip from each. Cut these strips in half. Cut 3 tan strips 2″ x 20,” and sew the tan strips between the red strips. Press seams toward the red strips. Sliver trim the ends of the red/tan strip set to square up and attach it to the framed Star. Press seam toward the Star block.

I quilted wavy lines with red thread in the red stripes and loops with tan thread in the tan stripes. I meandered with navy thread in the background of the Star and quilted a continuous curve in the Star with tan thread. Navy print binding and a hanging sleeve on the back finishes the project.

Are you working on a patriotic project?


“Saw Tooth Star” Gift Quilts

25 11 2013


Several of my friends, all chaplains’ wives, are moving to other Army posts in a few weeks. Those of us remaining at Ft. Bragg wished them a fond farewell at dinner last week. And we gave them a patriotic “Saw Tooth Star” quilt as a memento of their time and ministry here.

These small quilts were fun to make! I selected Americana fabrics, but you could make them from Christmas fabrics, or any color combination to fit your decorating scheme.


They are 11″ square with simple, continuous curve quilting in the star points and center and a small meander in the red print background. I machine sewed the binding to the front of the quilt and attached a ribbon for hanging to the back of the quilt. The ends of the ribbon are concealed in the seam allowance when the binding is turned to the back of the quilt and hand stitched in place.DSCN5552

The next step of the star quilts’ construction is machine embroidery in the background area by my friend Jill:  “Ft. Bragg UMT (Unit Ministry Team) Spouse.” Then we will slide a bamboo skewer inside the top binding at a mitered corner. This adds stiffness so the quilt can be hung without bowing in the center.

God Speed, my friends!