National Sew a Jelly Roll Day – 9/15/18

I recently read Lori Baker’s article, “How Do You Slice A Jelly Roll?”, on The Quilting Company’s blog in which she mentioned that Moda fabric company is again sponsoring/promoting a National Sew a Jelly Roll Day. This year’s date is Saturday, September 15. Click here to read about it.

Wouldn’t it be fun to quilt along? Will you put National Sew a Jelly Roll Day on your calendar? If you plan to quilt along, send me a picture of your stockpile of Jelly Rolls . . . or at least the one you’ll play with on 15 September. (

True confession time:  How many Jelly Rolls or packs of 2 1/2″ strips do you have? I’ve got 4 and several partials, all of which are begging to be transformed into quilts. And I have even chosen a Jelly Roll friendly pattern to try out “one day.” “One day” arrives in 24 days!

11 thoughts on “National Sew a Jelly Roll Day – 9/15/18

  1. I have at least 8, I just found one again, So I’m guessing that makes at least 9. My house is loaded with books, including so many that tell me how to use these jelly rolls. I have no excuse except that I need to buy some time.

  2. I just had time to look and count. I was going to feel really bad, but I don’t have 38! I only have 13, and about 4-5 partials. I have a Midnight Quilt Show (Angela Walters) pattern I’ve been wanting to try, so I may have to give it a go!

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