“Magical Squares” Published!

My quilt, “Magical Squares,” is the cover quilt for the May/June 2020 issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  I am sew excited! You are going to love the quilts in this issue; from cover to cover, the colorful quilts are a delight to see and to contemplate making. To encourage your purchase of this issue with the “Hip to be Square” theme, I’ll show you two pictures taken while making this charm square friendly toddler-sized quilt.

You have got to admit, it is so easy to assemble a quilt of charm squares and sashing with cornerstones. What could be simpler?

After assembling the quilt top, the magazine diagrams how to cut it apart, move pieces, sew together, cut it apart, move pieces, and sew together again. And the result (plus two borders) is . . .

This truly is a magical technique, and I hope you’ll try it! Admittedly, is it a bit unnerving to cut apart a perfectly fine quilt top, but the results are so worth it. And you don’t have to fiddle with setting triangles or assembling the quilt in diagonal rows. Some of you have made my “Prest-O, Change-O!” quilt; the technique is the same, but the addition of sashing and cornerstones jazzes up the presentation.

I have one copy of the Quiltmaker magazine to give away to a blog reader. To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment below stating the name of the charm square package you’d use for this quilt. (I bet you have a spare charm pack lying around in your sewing area!) The drawing will be April 16.

16 thoughts on ““Magical Squares” Published!

  1. I have two charm square packages that I won from someplace when they first came out. They are in a box that I can’t get to right now to see what the name is, but they are solids in primary colors. What I am excited about is that I found some cute fabric in my stash while looking for mask fabric and your quilt is perfect for both. The fabric is older, but it has a black background with neon colored happy faces on it. Perfect length for the border, and print for a child. Now to finish my big project so that I can get to the fabric boxes.

  2. I have a “Fairy Frost” charm package that has been in my stash for a long time–maybe the right project to use them with!

  3. This pattern would be great for a Berenstain Bears charm pack that I’ve had for years! I don’t currently subscribe to Quiltmaker. Seeing your quilt published there tempts me to renew!

  4. Love the quilt especially on point. I have a bunch of Back to School Charm packs but this is perfect for some I Spy squares.

  5. Probably would use the material I purchased from Pineapple Fabrics during their last sale. It was vibrant primary colors with a textured looking print.

  6. Realize that I didn’t answer your question about the charm pack. I have no answer, but I did call about getting a copy of the book so thanks for the help and congrats on the cover

  7. Hi Aby,
    I’ve just bought the Magical Squares quilt pattern, I love it!
    I was wondering about make it larger like for a queen size bed. How do I arrange the squares and most important, how many of them?

    • I have not made this design as a queen-size project. I believe you would need 4 packs of charm squares, 42 in each package. By experimenting with graph paper or computer drawings, I have discovered that if you begin with a long, narrow quilt, you end up with a square quilt. And if you begin by arranging the charms and sashing as a square, you end up with a long narrow quilt. Use a paper drawing to cut and tape the pieces together, as I did. Measure across a square plus it’s sashing from corner to corner diagonally. Multiply this number by how many units you need to determine queen size width and length.

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