“Jelly Weave” Baby Quilt

On Tuesday I shared pictures of my projects published in the December/January issue of Fons & Porter’s Quick + Easy Quilts. Today I want to share a baby quilt designed by Jennifer Strauser also published in this issue. “Jelly Weave” caught my eye as a striking yet uncomplicated quilt. It was as much fun to make as I imagined, and I bet you will want to make one, too!

I followed Jennifer’s example by choosing warmer colors for the horizontal strips and cooler colors for the vertical strips. Since I desired to add interest to the large white background area, I chose a robin’s egg blue thread color and a pantograph of dragonflies and flowers designed by Dave Hudson (patternman.com). For binding, I cut 2 1/2″ x 20″ strips of various colors and joined them with diagonal seams.

“Jelly Weave” is one more reason to purchase this magazine issue! If it is not available at your newsstand, click here for the Quilting Daily shop. It is currently available in digital format.

5 thoughts on ““Jelly Weave” Baby Quilt

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