“Snowflake” QAL

IMG_3691Today is the first day of the “Snowflake” Quilt A-Long designed by Faith Jones of Freshlemonsquilts.com and posted by Bernina’s blog. Bernina has planned for three QAL posts, so you will have all the instructions for the quilt in three weeks.

Take a look at the blog post on Bernina’s site (weallsew.com) and you’ll see that the instructions are easy to follow; the quilt is do-able even for beginning quilters! So, who wants to join me in making “Snowflake?”

I’d like to propose a slower pace because I don’t think I’ll have time to make all the patchwork blocks this week. (The latter part of the week will be filled with wishing our grandson a happy 3rd birthday and with helping him play with all his new toys and books.) However, I do want to finish my quilt top by the end of November because that’s when Bonnie Hunter posts her first mystery quilt clue!

Here’s my proposal for those joining me in the QAL:

I already have selected my fabric: Bright reds, Lime greens, White. You can see my fabric pull here on a previous blog post. If you have selected your fabrics, send me a picture to post:  aby.quilts@gmail.com

This week I will work on half the patchwork blocks and post pictures next Tuesday. I can post your pics, too, if you’ll email them to me.

The first week of November, I will work on the other half the patchwork blocks.

The second week of November, I will work on setting the blocks together into a quilt top.

Once the quilt top is complete, I’ll quilt, bind, and label it.

Each week, I’ll link to the Bernina blog so you can see the instructions and work more quickly on the project if you wish.

4 thoughts on ““Snowflake” QAL

    • hi jacque
      i had a bit of trouble too,, would not copy and paste. but i figured it out and saved in a word document.. i can send to you if you would like that.. just give me your email address.. maybe when the project is completed they will post a complete pdf.. I dont know but i love the pattern too. I can figure out how to put together and I use the setting triangle ruler for the side and corner pieces.. let me know if you would like the pattern..

      • Thanks so much! I tried the copy and paste thing to a Word doc too, which is what I’ve always done for patterns in blogs, on websites, etc. Got the words but no pictures.

        My email is sunshine@satx.rr.com. Appreciate it!

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