Ugly Fabric Challenge

The Tarheel Quilters Guild has inaugurated an Ugly Fabric Challenge. Well . . . it doesn’t necessarily have to be ugly fabric, just fabric you haven’t yet figured out how to use. Participants had to bring at least a yard of fabric to swap with another guild member to the February guild meeting. We have 7 months to make a project for the other person; in September we’ll bring a quilt top or tote bag, etc. to the guild meeting and present it to her.

The fabric I chose to submit is not ugly. Darla give it to me several years ago. I like it; it is “my colors.” But I haven’t yet used it. Perhaps the person who received my fabric will have a novel idea for using it. (I would love new sofa pillows!)

I received Alice in Wonderland fabric from Colleen. She’s not particularly a fan of Alice, but was attracted to the folk art nature of the fabric. It’s large scale is a bit problematic for patchwork, but fortunately she included several other coordinating fabrics.

What do you think I could make with Colleen’s fabric?

8 thoughts on “Ugly Fabric Challenge

  1. Whatever you do with these fabrics will be your typical beautiful use of fabrics. Can’t wait to see the projects. Will be a great reveal.

  2. A Christmas table runner with applique of woodland imagery (or a little girl and Santa in the woods feeding a reindeer — no clue why I have that image in my head but the print called that out to me)

    Sarah / Heirloom in the Making

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