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Happy Monday, everyone! As we emerge from the weekend and head toward Independence Day celebrations, I hope you find time to relax with family and time to sew on our “Sisters” block of the month project. Tomorrow, June 30th, is the day you can comment “Done” if you have finished the 12″ and 6″ Weathervane variation blocks. Remember – there’s the extra incentive of winning a current issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine!

For inspiration and encouragement, I have several photos to show you. First up are Rhonda’s blocks. Her palette of primary and secondary colors are the perfect lead-in to summer sewing. It’s interesting to compare the fabric placement between the big sister and little sister blocks; for some, it’s the same, and for other block designs Rhonda changed it up.

Jane-ellen also sent a picture of her blocks. How fun to see the 6″ blocks dance between the 12″ big sisters! The background of a shirting print adds so much interest.

Here are Jane-ellen’s blocks for June, Weathervane variation.

Cindy is using a layer cake of 10″ squares for the foreground fabrics in her “Sisters” blocks. I am drawn to the fussy-cut bird in the “Aunt Dinah” block (upper left corner).

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your progress. I can tell you are enjoying selecting fabrics for each block, and you are piecing with care and precision. The patchwork blocks you have made are a fabulous riot of color and design!

It’s true, we are halfway through our “Sisters” project, only six more designs to create. If you have not made blocks thus far, but you are inspired by today’s photos, it’s not too late to join in! As Rhonda, Jane-ellen, and Cindy would tell you, the designs are not too difficult and the construction process is fun and rewarding. Just click on the “Sisters BOM QAL” tab in the blog menu. You’ll link to the page with instructions. Be sure to read the Introduction to find the fabric requirements, and then begin with the blocks, January – June.

10 thoughts on ““Sisters” QAL – Blog Readers Share

  1. I’ve been admiring this quilt for months as I love quilts with variously sized blocks. Even though I’m a little late joining in, I hope to catch up this month! Thanks for doing this.

  2. WOW!! It’s so awesome to see everyone’s blocks ASSEMBLED. But then, we ARE halfway done and can finally start seeing how it’s going to come together. It’s so inspiring (both for ourselves and others)!

  3. Jane Ellen, I really love your color choices! Are you using stash fabric? I notice your “black flower print” is different from one block to the next (and I *like* that!) I’m doing stash n’ scraps for mine so that’s why I asked. Everyone else is so coordinated I feel sloppy some months when I see the nicely coordinated blocks. You inspire me to embrace the randomness! 🙂 ❤

  4. It’s so much fun to see other’s blocks. I don’t have instagram to follow along so appreciate getting to see some here. Love all the different color variations.

    • This is the first QAL and thank goodness I started this. Since our guild is not meeting every week, this gives me something to look forward to each month. I am DONE with July and all the previous months. Once I figure out how to send pictures I will. I have taken a very different approach and can’t wait to get some feedback. Keep on quilting.

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