Vicki’s Quilts

About twenty-five years ago my friend, Vicki, was interested in quilting and made several projects, but now she focuses her leisure time on knitting and crocheting. She asked me to quilt two of her unfinished projects and to tackle a new t-shirt quilt that her daughter requested. Project #1 was a small lap quilt of Wonky Nine Patches and Stack and Whack blocks. The blocks are large and made with various, mostly woven, reds. Vicki sent a soft, tan sheet as backing and unbleached Warm and Natural batting. I was under the impression that sheets are not good candidates for quilt backing, and that I should expect skipped stitches. But for this quilt and sheet, it was not the case; my APQS Millennium stitched the “Abigail” pantograph like a dream. I chose a design with swirls to soften the angles of the patchwork blocks. Tan thread on the front and back blend nicely. I bound the quilt with strips cut from the sheet.

Project #2 was a king size quilt of Sawtooth Stars which Vicki had begun hand quilting years ago. We decided not to rip out the hand quilting as it is part of the quilt’s story. Quilting the “Lorien’s Splendor” pantograph design with light tan thread over the hand quilting worked very well for the most part. The front of the quilt, where appearance counts most, looks particularly fine. However, there were a few tiny puckers on the back of the quilt in the hand quilted section. If you zoom in on the photo, you might notice the red fabric is a V.I.P. Cranston Print popular twenty years ago. I just so happened to have the same design in dark green, so I used it for the binding. Vicki is so pleased with the results; she can now use her finished quilt with pride.

Project #3 – the T-shirt quilt for her daughter. Vicki pressed light-weight fusible interfacing on the wrong side of 12 1/2″ knit t-shirt squares which made quilt assembly a snap. Colleen requested gold and black colors for the sashing and borders. I found the perfect gold print at Sew There! Quilts and More as well as a modern black/gray extra wide backing fabric. I intended to make cornerstones and the outer border from black “Grunge” fabric, but we all decided the modern print added interest to the simple block setting scheme. I meandered with gray thread from edge to edge and bound the quilt with the gold print.

Tip: Use a machine quilting glove like “Machingers” on your left hand when attaching borders or binding to a large quilt. The glove grips the fabric and helps move the heavy quilt along under the machine presser foot.

I wonder if you can relate to Vicki’s story — a couple of quilt tops lurking in a box or closet with no desire or energy to finish them. Find a longarm quilter near you and consult with her/him on what it would take to finish them. (There is no shame in quilting by check!) Like Vicki, you’ll be so relieved to have the projects finished and so happy to use them in your home or gift them to family members or friends.

2 thoughts on “Vicki’s Quilts

  1. When I lived at Ft. Drum, a woman attended our weekly quilt group but never worked on anything. She finally confessed she had a quilt she started for her husband 30 years ago and hadn’t quilted since then. I talked her into digging the project out and I finished it for her. Her husband hugged me the next time I saw him. Not so much because he was excited about getting the finished quilt but because his wife was excited and interested in sewing again.
    I enjoy helping others get their UFOs off their lists. Sometimes finishing that first UFO is encouragement enough to do some others.

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