“Bear Claw” Table Topper

As the seasons change, I like to refresh the decorating of my home with appropriate quilts. Christmas gives way to Valentine’s Day. And now that March has arrived, I am in the mood for spring-time green.

I enjoy watching Megan’s You Tube channel, Tiny Orchard Quilts. Her “Bear Claw” tutorial caught my eye, most likely because her sample quilt is green and white.

Megan gives two size options in the instructions on her website, and I chose the table topper size to utilize 2 1/2″ scrap squares. For a small project like this, I prefer blocking off several hours of time, piecing and quilting and binding in one fell swoop. However, because of other time consuming commitments last week, I did not have the luxury of making my topper all in one sitting. Therefore, I divided the project into fifteen minute tasks: Choosing fabrics, sewing Four Patches, cutting triangles, sewing half square triangles, trimming HSTs, sewing Bear Claw blocks, adding sashing between the blocks, and attaching borders. Happily, I had several free hours Sunday afternoon to quilt and bind my 22″ table topper.

Bear Claw table topper

The teddy bears and I are super pleased with the fresh green quilt, perfect for March decorating.

Are you a fan of breaking a large quilting project into small, doable tasks? Tell about your experience in a comment below.

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