Quilts for Christmas Twins

My guild, Tarheel Quilters, supplies baby quilts to the NICU of Cape Fear Hospital each month. As you can imagine, many twins and triplets are born a little early and need special care. The nurses enjoy offering “matching” quilts to the parents of these precious babies.


Last year, at Loving Stitches’ post-Christmas sale, I purchased half yard cuts of Nancy Halvorsen’s “Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow” line. Even though daughter Trinity and I used parts of my purchase for several projects, enough remained to make two nearly matching quilts.

Basic Instructions: For the quilt on the right, construct eight “Four Patches” from 4 1/2″ squares. Cut eight 8 1/2″ alternate squares. Sew “Four Patches” and alternate squares together in rows; then join the rows together. Cut four border strips 4″ wide; measure and sew them to the sides of the quilt. Each quilt top measures about 39″ square which conveniently fits on 42″ wide backing. I purchased 3 yds. of print fabric which was plenty for backing and binding both quilts.


As I made the quilts, I prayed for the preemie babies who will receive them and the parents who will unexpectedly receive early Christmas gifts. I hope and pray the quilts convey warmth and caring for a family in crisis.

4 thoughts on “Quilts for Christmas Twins

  1. These quilts will be a precious gift for 2 little preemies. As a mom of twins, I can vouch for the fact that we love things that match!!!

  2. These are so adorable! I have a friend who’s having twin grand babies delivered today. These would make great quick gifts!

  3. How wonderful to bless two new little people at this season of the year. Way to go, Aby. Merry Christmas, Diane Neal


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