A Reply to the Comments for “Tumalo Trail” Sashing

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments on sashing possibilities for “Tumalo Trail” (posted yesterday). Your suggestions gave me a lot to think about! I planned a light sashing because Bonnie Hunter’s original “Tumalo Trail” was sashed with off-white fabric. But your comments have encouraged me not to limit the possibilities.

I hesitate to set the blocks together without sashing because of all the seams of the Nine Patches I’d have to match. I hesitate to use really colorful or dark sashing because the viewer’s eye would focus on the sashing rather than the various colors of the scrappy Nine Patches. Hmmmm! I will definitely have to think about this  some more. . . and probably go shopping for the perfect fabric to sash and border the quilt.

After I make all the blocks, I’ll show layouts of them on the blog. We’ll audition various setting options, and I’ll solicit your comments and opinions again. Stay tuned!

One thought on “A Reply to the Comments for “Tumalo Trail” Sashing

  1. The white was a “safe” choice and the gray was just a teeny bit off of “safe”…choose your favorite color within the blocks to become the sashing. I’m looking forward to the bolder, exciting choices you will come up with!! I get that not having a sashing would be a royal pain with matching all those seams! I know that when I’ve asked my blog readers for help with choosing a fabric, they definitely picked the right one for me and saved me from a “what was she thinking” border on a quilt!

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